H1b renewal based on I-140


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I have a couple of questions on H1B extension based on I-140

1. If you have an I-140 from Company X and move to company Y. When you file for H1-B transfer to company Y will you get a renewal for 3 yrs or for the remaining period of current H1 from Company X?

2. If you have an I-140 from company X and moved to company Y. And you have to move to company Z prior to applying or getting an I-140 from company Y, will you be able to do a H1-B transfer to company Z based on company X's I-140? If yes, will we be able to get an extension for another 3yrs?

I will deeply appreciate any help or insight you can provide in this regard.


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You can keep using I140 for any number of extensions, irrespective of number or employers Y Z A B C....

only thing you need is, a approved active I140(doesn't matter which employer). 

Or above rule is applicable in case of inactive/revoked i140, if i140 was active for 180 days in past .

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