Work location changed after filing H1B extension. H1B Amendment filed but received RFE on H1B extension

Simran Ji

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I need urgent help regarding my situation.  I am on H1B visa with company ABC working for client XYZ

May 26, 2017    --- > Filed  H1B extension for location A

Jul 1, 2017       --->  My client XYZ wants me to work from location B (another state, 1200 miles away)

Jul 25, 2017    --->  Amendment case filed to CIS for location B

Jul 26, 2017  --> Received RFE for H1B extension case - Client letter requested

Aug 14, 2017 --> Date mentioned in my H1B amendment to work from location B

Now, I need to mention the work location in the client letter for RFE response, so what location should be mentioned in my client letter ? location A or B ?



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