H1B 2nd RFE, Need Help!


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Hello All,

My situation is a little weird. I applied for my H1B extension in March 2017 and got an RFE in June for which my employer responded. I got another RFE on July 20th asking for Client letter. I was not able to get the letter because of Client's HR policy ( got an email acknowledgement with no signature). 

My worry is about being legal in US. 

Current H1B validity : 08/27/2017

Current I94 Validity : 08/27/2017

If for some reason USCIS sends DENIAL for my extension petition after my I94 expiry. What are my options. 

1) will i still be legal to stay in US?

2) Will i still be eligible to work in US?


Please please do respond back with your advise/expertise. I would greatly appreciate your time



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