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I have a situation here, could you help me out on the below scenario.


My cousin started working in a company X (Consulting firm) from January 2008. His GC process got initiated in company X with a priority date 08/2013 and he ended up having approved I140 with company X.


In May 2015 he transferred his H1 to a Client Y. As soon as he transferred his H1 to the direct client Y, his approved I140 got revoked by company X since he is no longer with the company. Client Y initiated his Labor process in 2016, but due to some budget issues Client Y terminated his role in March 2017.


In April 2017 he applied H1 transfer to another Consulting firm Z with revoked I140 and had approval until 07/2020. Last week he had an offer with a reputed Client A (direct Client) in Columbus, but Client A is not accepting his transfer since his I140 with Company X got revoked.


I know that Client A can still transfer his H1, but still Client A is not accepting his transfer because his I140 is revoked. Could you please help me out on this situation and let me know the possible steps.

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