H1B Amendment Withdrawal


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Its critical, appreciate if anyone could answer it for below scenario in EVC model:-
1. Joined a project in May and filed H1 Amendment. Worked on this project/location for couple of weeks. 
2. Joined another project in June and filed another H1 Amendment. 
3. Sent withdrawal letter for May H1 Amendment in July first week. 
Got R-F-E on May h1 amendment and now status changed to Withdrawal application received.
1. Is it correct process to withdraw previous amendment as the candidate is no longer working at that location? 
(I heard  from another attorney that once candidate files H1 Amendment and works at that location, should not withdraw the H1 Amendment. Is this True?
2. My attorney suggests its sufficient to respond to RFE by just sending  withdrawal letter and it should not be an issue. Is this True?
Thank you, Appreciate your time!
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