I-140 Denied, what are the options available


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  • 1 month later...

My Company is being Aquired by Private Company. 

Below are reasons

  1. Ability to pay (My Parent company not able to private any company tax doc or financial report as they don't want to disclose to govt) So they just provide my w2 and my whole year pay slip. 
  2. They are not able to prove Sucessor-in-intrest. They did not provide and govt document about acquisition instead they provide media report, Executive letters notarize mentioning my company acquired by parent company. 

And all this acquisition happens b.w my Labor approval and i-140 processing. so its more completed. 

Attorney says they can refile i-140 based on old PERM. Also they start New PERM as well on my New company name. 

I am worried what could be the out come. 

Will my refile i-140 go to same person. Or can they see my last i-140 rejection reason while processing this i-140?

Also Should i go with Normal processing of Premium processing this time. Attorney suggest go with normal processing?


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