H1B LCA address Issue


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I have a strange situation, I joined company B few months back and had my H1B transferred.

The company B extended my  Petition, LCA and I94 till 2019.

I joined company B and stared working for a client at location x. After joining, I noticed the work address in LCA has an error. the address1,address2, zip are correct. however the state ID is wrong. Instead of NC its GA.

Company B filed for an amendment to correct error now its in RFE. By the time company B filed extension and received RFE, I am moved out of project and looking for new project.

Now the Immig team of company B is asking for client documents, which can't provided as I no longer work there.

so company B is informing me that they will cancel the amendment and I have to go back to India.  Since time to reply to RFE will be ending soon.

The company A stamped i94 expired 2days back. 

My question is what should I do. what will happen to the initial approved petition and I94 from company B?

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