Expired GC - Indian Passport Renewal


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Hello Members & Attorney,

Thank you for your response & feedback. Please see below  a brief description of our situation :-

My wife (an Indian citizen) has applied for US citizenship in Feb' 2017 ,the I-797C (Notice of Action ) came on March' 2017 and her bio-metrics were done in May' 2017.

Her Green-card  (family-based) has expired in April' 2017. 

Her Indian passport is expiring in Sept.' 2017.

We applied to the CKGS, SF to get her Indian passport renewed - we sent them copy of her expired GC with the all the required documentation.

Now CKGS, SF is asking for proof of Permanent Residency / Visa and holding off processing the Indian passport.

Her US Citizenship application status per USCIS website is showing that they are processing the application and plan to send out the notice for interview.

Our questions :

a.) With an expired Permanent Resident card (GC) - What would be the status now ? Can she still apply for jobs and accept offer/s for work ?

b.)  If we give CKGS, SF a copy of the I-797C and a printout from the USCIS site showing the application status will that work as proof of Permanent Residency ?

c.) How do we get proof of Permanent Residency with an expired GC ?

d.)  My GC is also being renewed ,after my bio-metrics (March' 2017) they put a sticker showing the validity of the GC till December' 2017. By when can I expect the new GC ?

e.) I was a bit late in filling the taxes this year (i.e 2016 - 2017 fiscal) , would that affect the Citizenship application & GC renewal ?  

f.) My father-in-law,in India has not been keeping well , what is the procedure for obtaining travel-documents (w/ Indian passport) when her US citizenship application is still being processed ? (the primary reason for renewing the Indian passport).

Your prompt response & feedback is much appreciated..


p.s: CKGS : Cox & Kings , San Francisco, CA

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Hope it was a not still a conditional GC? If not, then her expired GC card does not mean her PR is expired.  I caution you that the 797c as status evidence will backfire severely on you, as India is not amused with the dual citizenship concept.

Though it does not help you, I have to say (might benefit other readers) that you shot yourself in the foot with not being proactive in renewing documents in a timely manner.( to save few hundred dollars in fees??). Both of the documents could have been renewed well in advance of expiration date.

You can get a temp I551 stamp (GC) at local UScis office by taking an infopass. But that will expire on the PP expiry date. Use that to get new  indian PP. After getting new Indian Pp,  get one more I551 stamp that will have six month validity.

In the worst case, she can get a same day temp travel document from  Indian consulate on any workday that will allow to fly out. Then she can get a PP in India and get i551 at the US consulate in India to travel back. What a mess dude...


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