Valid B1/B2 and H1b stamped. COS from B1/B2 to H1b while on B1/B2 in US.


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I have B1/B2 stamped on  Jun, 2015 and valid upto 2025 and H1b stamped on Dec, 2016,  valid upto Dec,2018 from the same company.  My wife is on H1b, currently working in US.

1. Can I go to US on B1/B2 as a visitor and apply change of status to H1B, if any position is open during my stay in US on B1/B2. Do I need paystubs for my H1b transver.

2.  Or Shall I get the H4 Dependent visa, go to US on H4 visa and then Change of Status from H4 to H1, once I get any job after finding the  company who can transfer my H1b visa. 

3. Or Shall I travel to US on H1b by resigning from the current company and then Transfer my H1b within 15 days in US. Because I don't get any Pay stubs from the current company obviously after resigning. What if, my current company revoke my H1b after my resignation.

4. Or Do I need to transfer my H1b to some company here in india, get stamping from that company and then go to US. This is time consuming.

Please let me know Which option would be better. 

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