OPT RFE and approved H1B revoked


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 My OPT expired on 05-May-2017 and I had applied for my STEM extension by April last week 2017. 

I had a pending H1B petition(filed on April 2016) which got approved on 10-May-2017 , due to this my SEVIS Status got automatically changed from Active to Completed.

Due to this reason I got RFE from USCIS for my STEM extension request asking me to reach my School DSO to get my SEVIS status corrected back from Completed to Active. 

I have been working with my School’s DSO but she is saying that she’s been in touch with SEVIS Helpdesk and nothing can be done unless they have my H1B approval notice. 

My previous employer has revoked my approved H1B. 

Due to all this I am in a very difficult situation. 

Wanted to seek you expertise and guidance in this regard.

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