Employer's attorney is requesting different experience letter then what USCIS already has.


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i will really appreciate if some one can please look at my question and give some inputs. 

I have changed employers twice so far, I am with my 3rd employer. My current employer is filing for my GC application and we are at Perm filing step. My employer/ attorney is requesting experience letter with specific content on it (from my very first employers) but my concern is even if I am able to get a new version of experience letter should that even be used for PERM application, since, I know for fact that my last employer (2nd employer) had used original experience letter from 1st employer during H1B filing. 

Please advise. 




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7 hours ago, premkalyan521 said:

he is talking about  changing the verbage of the experience letter  to align exactly with the verbage on the job description. how could you decide that the OP is trying to fake. Please don't assume and attack the user and scare the hell out of the OPs

While it is ok to emphasize different aspects of previous jobs, it is NEVER ok to modify experience.

The OP didn't talk about changing how to reformulate the experience, he asked about "requesting experience letter with specific content on it". A completely different thing, asking for lying on an experience letter. A big red flag, a big no-no. Never, ever, support any such fraud.

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