proof of maintaining non-immigrant status

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Dear all,

I am a nurse. I came on a 3 month business visa to write NCLEX but I had to take it again. My B1 expired on 6/23 and I filed for 3 month extension on 6/29. I was kind of out of status for 6 days (I did mail before it expired). Later that year I applied for change in status to H1-B and it was approved that Dec 23rd. Later i applied for I-485 and is till pending and its going be current anytime. I've been on work authorization for the last 11 years. Please let me know if this will affect my Green Card approval since I was out of status for 6 days even though my H1B was approved and subsequently my I-140 was also approved. I checked the SRC# status for my B1 extension and it was denied on Feb '15. But my H1B was approved on 2 months before, on Dec 23rd.

Thanks and appreciate all your replies.

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