Tijuana Stamping experience - June 26/27

Visa Race

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Hi guys!

Got my visa approved in Tijuana, thought I'd share.

- Tijuana is like a normal indian city, not unsafe like they say. The bad parts are far away from the central area where the tourists go.

- Use uber everywhere (that way you can pay $1-2 each ride instead of $8-10, see on the map where you are going, have a verified driver who speaks basic english - use UberEnglish)

- You can stay in one of the hotels in centro, but dont need to. I stayed with a buddy at a massive Airbnb which cost me $25 a night for a 2 BHK

- Learn some basic conversational spanish, it helps

Day 1 - Took uber to ASC. If you are carrying other stuff, there is a locker in the same building (keep walking left from the entrance and reach other other side). If you ask the lady checking documents about where to keep stuff/phone, she kept saying 'I dont know, I cant help you'. There's a parking guy who doesnt know english, and is just taking your stuff without giving you a receipt and say come back after interview. Ignore him, he will whistle to you after you look for where to put documents. Just walk left and you'll get a proper locker and a key to take back. Cost - $2. 

The actual process is super simple. They ask for your passport and payment receipt and take fingerprints/picture. If your appointment is at 12:30, go at 11:30, you can get in earlier. I was done in 5 mins


Day 2 - Took Uber to consulate, its away from the main city and is a 20 min drive. They will make you sit till ~ 20 mins from your interview. There is a food stand which keeps your stuff and gives you a receipt. Inside there's 3 lines - Appointment letter/document check, Fingerprint check and actual interview. Expect to wait here ~ 30 mins to 2 hours. Bring a book. I waited ~ 1 hour and chatted with others. 

The actual interview took ~ 1 - 2 mins. I am a full time employee going for my 2nd stamping. Apart from i797, the only new thing i saw is he asked me for my job verification letter and kept the document. He asked which university i attended in US, asked if that was for bachelors/masters (I have masters), which company and what position. My information was in their system for sure, as I had emailed them about PIMS verification. I had gotten a response in 12 hours. No issues

Send an email ~ 1 week before appointment

Make sure to not stress out and enjoy mexico. I went to tons of food places and the beach too.




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