H 1 - B to L1 - A Blanket Conversion


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Hi - I have travelled to US in 2008 November using L 1 A Blanket visa and stayed in US till 2009 July(9 months) through company 'T'. I moved back to India and switched  to other company 'C' in 2010 Feb and worked till 2011 Sep in India, after that again I travelled to US using L 1 A Blanket visa through employer 'C' in 2011 Oct  and stayed in US till 2012 Aug.(11 months) and moved back to India.


I have two entries with my L1-A Blanket visa till 2012.

Later I applied for H1 through 'S' company  and moved to US in June 2014 and worked as a contractor. From May 2015 I joined full time with my old company 'T' again in US branch.

2008 Nov - 2009 July  - L1- A Blanket Visa - Company - 'T'

2011 Oct - 2012 Aug  - L1 - A Blanket Visa- Company - 'C'

2014 June - 2015 April  - H1-B - Company -'S'

2015 May - Till date -  H1- B - Company - 'T' (Rejoined to 'T' )


Now it has been 2 years, when I applied for H1- B Extension this year, I received a compliance issue on the eligibility for extension in my current employers portal. I have 19 years of experience in IT, my experience, my current wages and current location I work were inconsistent as per the new policy by USCIS , either I need to move to different state, or I need to change the role in US to fit in myself -  this is what the compliance issue message I received.

Now, I am thinking of converting my H1 - L1 A Blanket  again. Here are my questions

1.Am I be eligible for H1-B to L 1 A blanket conversion, if so will my previous L1 - A Blanket entries support for successful conversion of H1-B to L1-A blanket.?

2. I know  prior 3 years with the same company , 180 days  in US with Managerial/Executive cadre with L1 -A Blanket is the eligibility criteria for applying Green card in EB-1 C . I have a gap of 7 years of L1 - A blanket petition with company 'T', But I rejoined the same company 'T' , in this case will my previous experience with company 'T' will be considered and will it be an added advantage to get L1- A blanket and later for Green card in EB-1 C.










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For an L1, you have to have worked with the company abroad for at least a year in the last 3 years.

Since you have been on H1 for the last 3 years, you would have to go abroad, and work for the company abroad for a year to be eligible for an L1.

And obviously, that company is shady, if they use wrong job codes for the H1. Find a better employer, one who follows the rules.


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