Will Layoffs in Company impact Perm Application


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Hi All,

I am working with company A and still have close to two years left in 6 years max H1b period. Company initiated my PERM application process and there were recent layoffs in the company. I got email from my Attorneys they cannot file my PERM application for another 6 months due to Layoffs. Can some one help me on below questions or share some details or help me if you are/was in similar situation.

1) Even people who are part of layoffs and they have different Job titles and responsibilities . Is this going to impact my application process.

2) Sr Vice President position of my dept was also impacted due to lay offs will this impact my PERM application process.

3) We had similar situation 6 months earlier when they layoff a person with same job title and with skill set and different department, my attorney's said we have to wait for 6 months to file my PERM application.

Thanks In advance for your help or inputs.

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