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My PERM was filed in March 2017 and today i got an AUDIT requesting for Recruitment Report. My H-1B is expiring on 01-SEP-2017. Ideally to complete six years of my H-1B i should have got my second H-1B until 30-SEP-17, my attorney confirmed that we could claim that one month along with eight weeks i spent in India during past six years. That gives me additional 12 weeks to stay on H-1B, which is end of November-17 if everything goes as expected. To add to this, my first PERM was filed and approved in 2012 but my I-140 was rejected in 2013 after RFE because employment dates were wrong in the PERM. Second PERM was filed by a different attorney from the same employer in 2015 and got rejected in 2016 because Job Description was missing in the application. 

I would like to know what is the normal response time once we reply back to the PERM AUDIT now-a-days. Will i have enough time to get acceptance of my PERM and then file I-140 in premium and hopefully get an approval so that i can file for my H-1B extension. If not what other options do i have. Please review and let me know your thoughts on this. 

Hoping to get expert advices/thoughts on my situation.

Thanks in advance.

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