N400 Interview Next week . Traffic tickets & Job Change.


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HI All, 


I have Interview for N-400 Us citizenship next week through my wife who is US citizen 

I have following questions. 


1) I changed my job after application process. what documents I need to provide/bring for job change in interview  ...

2)I have been to united states for last 12 years.  I got several traffic speeding  and parking tickets some are really old around 2007-2009 AND IN ANOTHER STATES but I didn't mention any in application N-400. I paid all my traffic tickets. One of them was in 2009 where i had to go to court and pay fine  and it was in another state NJ.. I paid all my tickets till now. When I ask for driving history to my home state PA dmv . IT'S NOT SHOWING ANY RECORD AND SHOWS CLEAN RECORD. 

My question is what documents I need to bring to interview.  Please help


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Parking tickets don't need to be listed. They are never issued to the driver, but to the owner of the car.

Moving violations (speeding tickets, red light tickets, etc.) need to be listed.

If the fines were under $500, no documentation is required. Just list what you remember.

And for job changes you don't have to bring anything.

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