I140 approved and filing Perm with new employer


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I have I-140 approved in EB2 category from my previous employer and I am planning to file a perm with new employer. My previous employer performed education evaluation based upon my Master Degree and evaluation agency evaluated it as Master degree, where as current employer evaluated same degree as Bachelors degree. So my current employer is filing my perm in EB3 category now. To file in EB2, I need 5 yrs of experience along with USA Bachelores degree. I am doubtful to continue filing GC in EB3 with current employer, I need your genuine suggestion in this regard.

- I was working in software industry as full time while pursuing my master degree, Should not that experience count while evaluating EB2/EB3 eligibility?

- Will BCA degress from India (3 Yrs program) also considered equivalent to Bachelors in USA? (If so, I meet Bachelors and 5 Yrs experience, can i file in EB2)?

- If my I-140 is approved with current employer, can I move back to my previous employer on approved I-140 (from previous employer) later?


Thanks in advance!!!

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