I 140 Filed in Premium Processing Got NOID


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Hello-Please help me. I am on H1b from last 6 yrs and  my 6 yrs will expire in 2 months. My labor was filed last year and I got approval in March.My I 140 was  filled in premium processing
and I got RFE ability to pay. My employer responded RFE and got an NOID. Now my further is in dilemma has  I have 2 months left for completion 6 yrs H1b. My  W2 wages is less than the Prevailing wage. I cannot extended on labor has it was  filed on 6 yrs. Please tell me my options.
1) whether I need to withdraw  my I 140 and filed in regular processing? In 2 months my H1b is expiring if no result was made on I 140 whether I can stay in USA and work?
2) If I leave USA after how many years I can comeback? Can I comeback in Jan 2018 has my  labor was filed in Dec2016 or I need to come in Jan2019 on one year H1b extension?
3) I need  to stay 6 months to get an extension of one year on labor? anyway can I stay until Dec any suggestions please.
Please do reply. Your suggestion and help I really appreciated please.
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