H1B to F1 CPT Fulltime


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I have approved H1B and granted work from home. But as my LCA is filed in A state and our company do not have branch in B state my HR is not allowing me to go with remote work. I cannot travel from west to east on this Job and looking for any work around in the process.

If nothing works out, my other option is to transfer from H1B to F1 OPT and start working on it until things get cools down or until I find another Job. I know a credited university which will provide OPT from day 1, but my question is if there is any risk involved to transfer from H1B to F1 and continue my full time Job.

I am on my 3rd year of H1 and before that I did my masters in EE ( I used few months of CPT and OPT). I am looking to pursue masters again or MBA now.

Do I need to talk to my employer and revoke my H1 before going to CPT, I would like to know the process of transfer. Thank you.

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