MTR is approved but Sevis got terminated

sriharsha edupuganti

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My H1b got denied last year i.e 2016, so I filed a MTR to reconsider the case. Since my OPT is expiring on June 21.2017 I joined in a college to obtain CPT. So on June 14th, 2017 my MTR (I-290b form) got approved and my intial H1b case got reopened. My H1b is not yet approved but my sevis got terminated in the college due to change of status being approved, So now I'm not able to generate CPT I20 or Cap-gap I20 as my sevis is not active. But I need to have a legal work authorization inorder to continue working. I'm not sure why my sevis is terminated and to which status I've been changed. Can anyone please help with my situation.



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This is the format USCIS handles cases:

Approve H1

Change F1 to H1 status ( At this stage DSO will lose access to the sevis)


From what I understand, if the DSO loses your sevis access then your H1 is most likely approved. You just need to wait for the news to come your way. I don't think there is any other way for you in terms of the immediate work permit.

The Cap-gap  is not for this scenario so its not your option and neither CPT is because your DSO has no access to the Sevis. 

The best option is talk to the lawyer who filled your H1 application or MTR.




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