What to do if 498a is filed


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Hi ,

i am On GC staying here in US with my husband and daughter ( daughter is us citizen)

My brother is going through matrimonial issues and his wife might file 498a against the whole family including me and my husband which is entirely false since I only met her for a couple of days during the wedding ( that happened in January 2017) and have been in US the rest of the time. 

What should be my immediate response to prevent any kind of issues since my husband needs to travel multiple times to India and back every year to visit his mom.

please note 498a has not yet been filed but I would like to know what is the best course of action to not be on the wrong side of law.



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498a is in all possibility one of the most misused law in the world. I am assuming whatever you wrote here is true . 


But i am very sure you know how things work in india. This is one charge which can seriously ruin anyone's life. 


I will strongly recommend you to get a good criminal lawyer in india who specializes in these cases. He will be worth every dollar you spend.


Dont wait for the opposite party to file the case

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