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My employer has filed for my Perm application. I recently got promoted to next level but my job responsibilities are same . Can i  still apply for I 140 using my current perm application? Also another question....  I also interviewed for a supervisor position  ( my boss's level position) in same company same department under same management , I got that job too , it's more like another promotion in my department only. But that job will not start until September as I need some time to transition out of my current role. So since my job responsibilities 'll change with this new position I would need my GC process to start from beginning? My h1b 'll expire in march 2018 and o have already recaptured all of 6 years. So I would need an approved I 140 by then. As per dol website my Perm should be approved this month or max by July. So is my following approach correct....    file for addendum for h1 b with current promotion in which my job responsibilities have not changed. After perm is approved file for i 140 under premium processing.   After I 140 is approved n i get h1 b extension , I can re start the process with supervisor position ..... I am very confused and any help will be highly appreciated. I do not want to let go this new supervisor role if there is a way to get visa situation to wrk.                  

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