New passport - mother's name change


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I'm currently on H4 EAD valid till 2019 and my husband’s green card is under process and is in the I-140 stage.

I recently got my visa stamped in India till 2019.

I am planning to apply for my SSN and realized that my mother’s last name is not listed on my passport.

My query is that if I apply for a new passport for getting my mother's name corrected then :

1.      Would it have an effect on my current H4 EAD

2.      Would it effect the Green card processing

3.      If I get a new passport what happens to my stamped visa as it would be on the old passport?

Also would it be ok if I don’t get the Mother’s name corrected on the passport?

Your advice would be much appreciated.



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You can always keep same spelling as it is now in passport -  I don't see any additional documents required from mother were you'll in a scenario of name mismatch.

- Even if you want to correct the name - there won't be an issue. It wont affect your H4 EAD or your existing valid visa or green card processing.


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