H1B to H4 (husband's visa not stamped)


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My first H4 stamping was done in India in 2014. 

My husband's H1B got extended and so was my H4 in 2017. After H4 extension was approved, I changed my status from H4 to H1B.  so I am currently on H1B status.

Now I want to go back on H4 as I have received my H4 EAD card recently. 

Now, to go back on H4, I can either apply for COS from H1B to H4 or can attend H4 visa interview at us consulate. We are thinking of going to Vancouver BC for stamping.

But my husband's company does not allow him to go for H1B stamping in canada and insists to go to India for stamping.

We do not want to travel to India with lil baby. Hence I am thinking of attending h4 visa interview alone in vancouver canada.

My husband does not have H1B extension stamped in passport yet. Can I still attend interview with his approved i797 and payslips (without his visa)

Has anyone attended H4 visa interview without husband's H1B  extension visa stamped?

Response appreciated. TIA.


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