Wife on H4 EAD - exploring Backup visa options


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Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a way to provide a H1B backup/ legal status to my family, in case my husband looses job. 

Here is a little background about me: 
I am on H4 EAD, live in Dallas. I have done MBA in Project management from UK. In past I worked as a Oracle Database administrator/ Oracle DBA in India ( but that is not something of my interest anymore). My family background is into Constructions and Agriculture. I have a strong future interest into Real estate. I have been investing into multifamily properties in United States and want to pursue that further. 

I am looking for jobs at the moment on H4 EAD. I want to have a H1B visa backup for my family, still pursuing my interests in real estate. Does anyone have any idea/ thoughts ? I will really appreciate that.

Thank you.
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