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I traveled to US on Apr 2012 and returned to India on July 16th 2016 on H1B Visa. I have not utilized the 6 years completely. Now , due to business need, my employer applying L1A blanket for me in India and I am planning to travel in Aug 2017.  I am aware that I need to complete 365 days in India in order to be eligible for fresh L1A  with 7 years term. I am nearing 10th month completion and yet to complete 12 months . My PAI is yet to be scheduled. Here are my questions

  • If PAI is scheduled after July 16 2017, then will I be eligible for 7 years ? I want to know when the 365 days ends ?     [OR]
  • Let PAI can be before July 16th 2017, as my travel will be after July 16 2017, will I still be eligible to get 7 years in L1A ?
  • In case, my employer schedules PAI before July 16 2017, then how much remaining months will I get in L1A. ( only the remaining 1.8 years of my previous H1B )

PLease clarify & advise when to schedule for PAI in order to get 7 years term.

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For an L1, you have to have worked for the employer abroad for at least a year in the last 3 years.

You said you came to the US in 2012. Since that is more than 3 years back, any time you worked with the employer before 2012 is irrelevant for the L1.


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