How potential M&A would impact green card process?

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I am new to this forum and I was hoping to get more opinion regarding my situation.

Given that I have no luck with H-1B lottery, I have discussed with my employer regarding green card application. I am working in a company where merger and acquisition happens frequently. I am a little worried this might complicate the application.

Hypothetically, if my company get acquired by company XYZ, how things might impact my application in different stages of green card? I am asking this is because green card is about "offering a future position", if the company is planning to sell off the business within 1-2 years then there won't be a GUARANTEED future position, could they still sponsor green card while working on selling?

I guess my question is if its okay for the company to sponsor the green card given that they might not be able to offer me the position should the company was acquired by other. Thank you!

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