H1B to H4/EAD to H1B


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Me and my spouse both are on H1B in same company
I recently got much better offer from an out of state company where chances of my spouse getting a better job are also better

I plan on changing to new job on H1B

My spouse have two options -
(1) Should spouse try and wait to get an offer from a company at my new location and continue working on H1B at current company ?
(2) Is it worth spouse comes on H-4 and apply for EAD ? (I have I-140 approved at current job about 3 years back) I believe the processing time is about 4 months which spouse wont be able to work (Please correct me if I am wrong). Not sure if H1B can be re-applied within the 4 month wait period in case an opportunity comes along earlier after H-4/EAD application is initiated.

With EAD, actually the market opens up for jobs since there are limited companies that support H1B. Only concern is that, if there are any reforms that are expected that may revoke the H-4 folks to not allow EAD and not allow to work.

Appreciate the feedback in advance.

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