H4 EAD renewal when filed concurrently with H4 and H1(Spouse) extension


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My H1B extension, my spouse's H4 extension and H4 EAD renewal will be files concurrently. My current H1B is valid until Dec 2017.

The question is what do I need to fill in I-765 for H4 EAD for question 18. c(26) Eligibility Category. If you entered the eligibility category (c)(26) in Question16 above, please provide the receipt number of your H1B principal spouse's most recent Form 1-797 Notice of Approval for Form i-129?

Should I enter the receipt of H1B approval which is expiring in Dec 2017? The thing is the current H4EAD is also based upon same receipt and good until Dec 2017. Shouldn't it be considered as the receipt of new H1-B extension that is being filed concurrently. I am skeptical that USCIS should not issue new H4EAD with expiry date of Dec 2017, they should issue with expiry date same as that of new H1B extension.

Please advise?

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I am also in the same boat. We are applying H-1B , H-4 and H-4 EAD concurrently. This is our H-4 EAD renewal. I was looking at the latest form for H-4 EAD


On the column 22 which H-1B receipt number need t be filled ? SHould I fill the current H-1B receipt number which is in my case is expiring in May 2018 ?

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On the column 15 Under Results I put Granted , what does it mean - attach all documentation ?


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