L1B to H4 to L1A


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Hi there,

I need guidance on my current visa issue. I am on L1B from my company, IN January I decided to move as depended on H4 and then later apply for EAD once Change of status take place. I continued to work on L1B and waited for my H4. In mean while my company also filed COS from L1B to L1A, this went in to RFE. I am yet to receive the RFE details. 1 day back I came to know my H4 is approved. Now I have below questions.

1) what is my current status H4 or L1B? COS from L1b to H4 got approved 1 day back but my L1B is only stamped visa on my passport which will expire in july

2) Should I continue to work on L1B ? whether COS to H4 will have any effect on L1B

3) what if my L1A gets approved in next 5 days as it was filed in premium


Please respond quickly based on this I have to take important decision and leave job. 

Thanks in advance.





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Your status is H4. The last approval matters.

You have to stop working until the EAD is approved.

Depending on how long you've been in the US already, a change back to L1 may not be possible. Discuss this with a good immigration lawyer.

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