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About almost 2 years my spouse who is on h4 was caught in a store . It was not shoplifting exactly. He paid for everything and one items is missed in the second row of the cart which he didnt notice at the payment time . However, the mistake happend as he didnt notice and came out of the store. The store staff took him back to the room and made him sign the paper and on another paper which LP signed . We dont know what it is. Mostly a confession and if they wish they can press charges i guess. It never happend as it was not intensional and my husband paid for everything and now my doubt is the store LP has noted down my husband medical insurance ID and photo of his and the merchandise for which he didnt pay. Note: no police came at the incident time.

My Question is :

If the store sent the report to police. If they have information of medical insurance and residencial address but not charged(because we haven't heard anything from police or court) i mean no finger printing nothing. Will it comes in background check of uscis for h4 visa extension ?

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Hello everyone we have contacted the store a while ago. And gotto know that they haven't send any report to the police as the incident was not happend with bad intension as my spouse bought items and just a 3$ items was missed at the payment. So relieved after 2 years of mental tension.

But still the answer i asked in the above post will be helpful for others who are stuck at that situation.

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