EAD Extension is case of H1b Change in employer


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My case: I am on H1b visa expiring NOv 2018, Labor and i140 both are approved Spouse is my dependent, on h4, EAD approved, working currently, EAD expiring Nov 2018

What I want to do - Change my employer. If I switch my employer, I understand that new employer will need to file three things for me - h1b transfer, labor, i140 . Since my spouse EAD expires on NOv 2018, my question is how my change of employer will affect his upcoming EAD extension.

My Questions: 
1) Suppose my h1b transfer is approved and new employer files for my PERM (labor). If Labor is approved before Nov 2018. My new employer files for h1b/h4 extension. So can my spouse file for EAD extension without i140, just on the basis of filing of h1b extension and approval of labor? 
2) Will my change of employer and h1b transfer has any impact of current EAD of my spouse? 
3)Once the EAD extension is filed for spouse, if it legal to work based on the filed EAD Extension application or do we have to discontinue working until the EAD extsnion approval to work?

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I have a similar question as Swagya

I am planning to change my employer from company A to B but my spouse F1 to H4+H4EAD is in pending status. My question is can I still go for the H1b transfer even if my spouse H4 and EAD is pending form my current company A.

Another question is whether my current company A can revoke H4 EAD of my spouse . My I 140 is already approved for more than 6 months.

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