US Citizen Baby travle India

priya malar

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My son is US Citizen because he born in US, he is 7 months old now. Me and my husband are indian citizens. We are planning to leave my son in my mom's home (in India) for a year. But we both can't travel india now due to visa issues. My mother in law is with us to take care of my son now.

Can we send my son with my mother-I- law to India? I heard either mother or father should travel with the baby if he is a US citizen.

Is it true? If not do we need to provide any NOC along with my mother in law?

Please advice me.

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2 hours ago, priya malar said:

My mother in law is with us to take care of my son now.

First, it is not allowed for a visitor, even if the visitor is a relative, to babysit. That is work, and requires work authorization. Your MIL seems to be working illegally.

Second, your mother-in-law would have to have a notarized note signed by both parents that it's ok to travel with the child.


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