Please help: Derivative Beneficiary I-485 Receipt Notice - Incorrect


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My wife received I-140 approval under EB-1A category and we filed for I-485 for both of us. My wife as primary beneficiary and myself as Derivative beneficiary. On the other hand, i already have I-140 approval under EB-2 category through my current employer with priority date of April 2013. 

We just received I-485 receipt notice one for myself and one for my wife. The wife receipt notice says priority date of May 1 2017 and Preference Classification as employment based 1st. My receipt notice has priority date of April 2013 which is priority date under EB2 and Preference classification of EB2 and even date of birth on my notice is date of birth of my wife. 

When we filed I-485 we confirmed that i am eligible as derivative beneficiary and my I-485 should be processed as per priority date of my wife (primary beneficiary). If they are processing my application under EB-2 then they should not even have accepted my application as my priority date is not even current.

Please let me know:

  • Is it really a mistake on my I-485 receipt notice from USCIS especially in terms of Priority Date and Preference Classification? DOB is wrong for sure, it's not my DOB , its my wife DOB.
  • Should i contact USCIS to get it corrected? Or do the information received on this notice matters or not?

I'll appreciate your reply.


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