Travel To India and come back when Extension is approved and amendment filed

Mohammed Sohail

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My visa got expired on 30th April. I had filed for extension and got it approved till Dec 2018. I am moving to a new location in July. And amendment needs to be filed for that. I also have plans to get married in the month of Sept 2017. And since USCIS has suspended premium processing, I cannot file amendment in premium processing and won't know how long would it take to get it approved in normal processing. So, my question is, when I go to India, I have to go for stamping. Can I go for stamping on the extension approved notice and amendment receipt? or do I have to go for stamping only after my amendment gets approved? Please advice. My wedding dates are not fixed yet, so need your most valuable inputs and suggestions on the same so that I am in a better position to make decisions. Eagerly awaiting your response.


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