Promise you very complicated question about b1/b2


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Hi all, I have urgent complicated question please help.

Have Visitor visa was for 5 yrs multi.

Have arrived to US with Visitor Visa on Nov 2015. I-94 until Apr 2016.

L-1A status granted on March 18 2016. New I-94 issued until March 18 2017.

L-1A case denied on May 22, 2017. I-94 expired on March 18 2017. Became out of status on May 22.

Is my visitor visa is revoked? Can I leave US and re-enter?

I want to leave to Mexico and after 3 days re-enter to US, because need to do things to transfer 

my duties and other tasks to new management.  I might re-file L-1A case again but within visitor status.

Thanks in advance for your time!!


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