H1B Transfer Qs - WFH/Grace Period/2 Petitions?


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Hi,  I got laid off from company A at the beginning of this month and my H1b would be fall into 60-days grace period after the last pay check.  Now I have an offer from company B (located in another state) with the option to work from home (WFH) stating that "the Employee shall perform his/her duties at his/her home or at the Employer's offices".

  • As no office of the company B in my resident state, can I include my home address in LCA ? 
  • If emphasizing related contractual terms in the employment offer related to valid Employer-Employee Relationship and off-site supervision methods in the petition package, can I reduce the possibility of RFE (s) from USCIS questioning working address in different state from the employer location?  
  • In worst scenario, if the H1b petition is denied, how to calculate my remaining grace period? Is it [60 days - used days (H1b transfer submission date/UPS petition package delivery receipt date - last payroll date from prior employer)]?
  • If later there is a company C willing to file H1B for me, is it allowed for two H1B transfer petitions for the same beneficiary? Any negative consequences?

Your advice is highly appreciated. Thank you!

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