H1B Transfer and H4 EAD


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Hi I am working with a software company as full time Employee and I have I140 Approved 1 year back and current H1B Valid till October 2018. My Spouse also has H4 EAD. Recently I got a very good offer from another company and they want to onboard me as soon as possible. 

My Questions are

1) Is it safe to to H1B transfer now or it is better to wait till October. Also shall I wait for the new H1B approval to come or joining right after getting the receipt is safe. 

2) Can the H1B processing converted to Premium if needed provided it resumes in October .

3) Will I get new H1B for 3 years, since I have I140 approved or it depends.

4) What is happen to my I140 and H4 EAD.

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