Switching projects while on receipt number

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Hi All, 


I've been working in US from last 6 years through Employer A on H1B. My Current H1B is held my Employer A which expired on 5/15/2017. Since Employer A wasn’t processing my GC, I contacted another employer (say Employer B) and they applied for PERM and I-140 quoting me as future employer, both PERM and I-140 are approved through Employer B.
I joined Employer B who shipped the extension and transfer documents to USCIS on 5/15/2017. Employer B has assigned me to Project A in Location A, however I want to work for Project B in Location B. Employer B is saying that he filed for labor using Project A in location A as reference and hence cannot amend that since my H1B has already expired, and my only legal status here is receipt number. Is this the true case? Is there any way for me to work for Project B in Location B while staying with same employer (Employer B). Can you please provide me with your valuable suggestion.
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