H1B to H4 conversion


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I am on H1B visa and my I-94 expired in Sept 2016.

I applied for the extension in August 2016 and got an RFE on May 17 2017 (3 days before 240 day period)

I was on project (end client) till March 2017 and then the project got over. While on bench my employer kept on running my payroll.

In the mean time , 240 days of I-94 expiry got over on May 20, 2017.

Now my questions is :

1. Now if 240 days are over and if I get a new contract then can I join. As per USCIS rules I read , I cannot work after 240 days of I-94 expiry.

2. I want to convert to H4 (my husband is on H1B) but that I should initiate now or after getting denial notice on h1B (in case things go for the worse).

3. Am I currently under lawful status even though I-94 expired more than 240 days back but extension petition is still being decided. When will I start

4. I filed for a transfer to another company, can I work for that company under a new contract (after these 240 days) or I should not work at all till decision on the application of prior h1b extension is done.



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