Clarification on I140 & H4 EAD Process with New Rule


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  1. I am in 6th year of my H1B visa with Employer A. What will happen to my H1B Status, when I change my Employer A? I have my I140 Approved from my current employer and its approved an year ago.
    • Can my Employer A withdraw my Approved I140 anytime?
    • Can my Employer A revoke my Approved I140 anytime?
  2. With the new Law, I heard ambiguous response, Company A cannot revoke but can withdraw I140. Can I extend / Transfer H1B Status with new Employer B?
  3. With the new Law, Does Employer B need to file PERM and I140 again?
  4. Changed to Employer B, decided to come back to Employer A. Can I return to Employer A and will my I140 be valid?
  5. Currently if my Employer B cannot process H1B transfer in Premium, Can I start working with Employer B by Filing H1B + Amendment (change in location) and post receiving filed receipt notice?
  6. Consider working for Employer B, having my H1B approved on basis on my old I140 with Employer A, Can I move to new Employer C? Is there a time duration that I can do / cannot do? What requirements will I have to do have a valid H1B Visa Status without impacting my Green Card Processing
  7. I have my spouse approved for H4 EAD, what will happen to my spouse case if I move to Employer B? Will her EAD be withdrawn, if my Employer A could withdraw / revoke my I140.
  8. Do I need to reapply for my H4 EAD, post processing my approved H1B Transfer with Employer B?
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