Urgent - H1B to H4 Issue


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HI ,

I enter in USA on H4 visa in 2013 and I got my H1B petition approved in Oct 2015. But my employer not paid me from Oct 2015 to April 2016 and asked me to signed leave of absence letter without pay .that time I was not aware about out of status.

He gave me project from May 2016 to April 2017. Now again He is not paying me and asking for leave of absence letter .

My H1B petition is valid till Sept 2018.

My questions are :

1) If I change my status from H1B to H4 again , then what is chance of getting it in USA. Is USCIS will ask me about 6 month without pay ?

2) If I travel to India and go for H4 stamping , then what are chances to get me H4 visa .

    Can they  reject my H4 visa based on 6 month out of status ..

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