laid off on H1B with 2 months grace period ending


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Hi Friends!

I recently got laid off from my company on 03/31/17. I still have no luck getting a new job. Considering 2 months grace period, I have only 9 days left.  After talking to few friends and a lawyer, I can think of these few options to maintain my status here. I would really appreciate your advice on these options or if you can suggest any other options.

my visa status: I140 approved (priority date is July 2012)

Option 1: I asked my company to give me sabbatical for 4 months. which they approved. So, one I find a new job, I can just do a normal h1b transfer. One problem could be, my H1B transfer can still be denied as I am still in the US on sabbatical. 
Please advise if this is still a good option? I am thinking to travel outside us on 06/01/17 and comeback after 2 months to avoid any sabbatical related questions (as I will be outside us for 2 months) 

Option 2: I might get an offer from a tech consulting company but they need to file h1b transfer with consular processing. But I have to go outside us to get new stamping, which may be risky.
Please advise if there is any issue with visa approval in this case?

Option 3: I leave us to and keep looking for a job. Once I get something, a company will transfer my h1b. and I can't come back until it gets approved. As there is no premium processing, it could take 4-6 months.
Please advise on when can I come back to us? and how? (on b2 or h1B)

Option 4: change my status to B2 and once I get a job change it back to H1B. but I heard that B2 can still take 3-4 months to get approved.
Please advise if I get a job next months while my B2 is under process, can I still apply for H1B transfer and stop B2? or what is the process to get B2 and then change it to h1b once I get a job.

Thank you all for your time and help! I really appreciate it

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