H1B Stamping in Vancouver May 2017


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Apt: Monday AM; Reached at 8.30; At the window by 9.50

Me: Good morning Sir, how are you?

VO: Good and yourself? Me: Good

VO: How long with this company? Me: 4 months 

VO: Were you on H1 before? Me: Yes 

VO: How many years? Me: ....

VO: Do you work at Client site? Me: Yes 

VO: Is there a vendor in between? Me: Yes, <<Vendor name>>

VO: Do you pay for anything? Me: No Sir I am a FTE, I get paid monthly.

VO: Can I see your paystubs? Me: Shown

VO: Do you get benefits? Me: Yes sir. 

VO: Your visa is approved. There is an issue with PIMS update. It may take a bit longer then normal, typically one additional day. You should get your passport by end of week. 

DS160 status changed to "issued" later that day itself. Got passport on Tue EOD came back on Wed. 


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