Can i go to Visa stamping interview with H1b Amendment receipt

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I have my petition approved for 1 year till 2018 ( Didn't go for stamping/interview yet)

I had to file an amendment due to change in compensation (for the same client and location), on May 7 2017 under regular processing.

The question is "Can i go for visa stamping interview with the amendment receipt and existing I-797 approval? Also can i travel to USA if stamping is done with amendment receipt?"

Or should i wait till it gets approved and then stamping and then travel?

I'm really worried when the amendment petition would be approved considering the premium processing is suspended.

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I think you are better off waiting for the approval. that said, you can still go for stamping with your prior approved 797.You can have multiple h1 petitions applied on your behalf, but only the approved one matters. If you go now, you will have get a stamp valid only for a year and then have to go again in a couple of months. 


I am not a lawyer and please do not consider this as legal advice. Please consult an immigration attorney for your legal needs

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