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I am on H1b Now new to consultancy world and this is my second H1b, arrived into USA Dec 2016, My H1b got expired in ist week of Jan17, My employer applied for H1b extension, I got Client job in last week of Jan  with very low boiling, My employer paid for my extension he is in Urgent that he need to recover that amount So, He pressurised me to Join in that project, there are other jobs in Pipe lien by that time with final interview due, But my employer is very narrow and He converted me to join in current project, He told he may need at least time sheets to Upgrade my extension process to Premium processing,that's how he convinced me, after that he failed to do all commitments from his side , Still my H1b is under pending status, He paid my 1st salary on March 21st ( 3 months of my arrival date) , he is generating payslip Just for 60K remaining amount he is showing as some taxes and per Diem, he is not paying per team also, If I ask him he is asking me to submit bills, I am sure after that he will ask some crazy stuff , that is not going to work , I requested him to add my per Diem amount into taxable income , Orally he agreed , But he is not Proving effective date and not answering questions on the past per diem  dues , He is sure that I am going to leave his organsaition after I get H1b approval, he is playing his level best by creating issues,

     My question on my current h1b  is ,

I arrived in USA Dec 20th, no pay for me till March 21st, So my status is safe or unsafe, 

2. Initially, we agreed to work on 90-10 Split, I paid my h1B to one of his relative who is common friend for me too, now he is paying 49% of my billing to me , rest of amount he is showing as employer taxes, employee taxes etc, befoe this I was in strong situation in different country , because of his wrong / False publicity of his origination  my career screwed up , How can I challenge this .

3. My H1b is under extension still, If I report these issues to DOL, USCIS ( I found other Discrepancies with him, I have email proofs), what will happen to my Pending h1b, few employers  ready to transfer my H1B, But How safe it is my question 


Another side I got one more h1b, I used the H1b from 2008 to 2012 on full-time employment with MNC, relocated to India in 2012, that H1b is still can go for another 20 months out of 6ys, can I use my 2012 h1b to stay in the USA  in worst case, 

Please suggest me  available options for me 


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what a mess.

Contact a immigration lawyer and file a complain with DOL. It will not impact you.

After filing a complain, go for h1b transfer to a better employer.

sorry but you knew what you were getting into, when you pid for your h1b. It is illegal to pay for h1b.

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