Stamping at Matamors Mexico on May 30 and 31st


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On 5/17/2017 at 9:24 PM, KishoreKumarB said:

Any one planning to attend the interview at Matamors Mexico on May 30 and 31st. I went through salvador last time and got my stamping and now going for extension. 



Hi Kishore,


I am planning from dallas, will reach 3pm hrl airport.

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Hi All,

May I know how did the interview go for all of you? 

I'm on H1B extension, FTE directly working for US company(no vendor/contracting). I'm thinking of going to mexico for visa renewal stamping(I have my latest I-797 which extended for next 3 years) or go directly to India?

What do you guys recommend?

If I go to mexico by road from dallas, if there is any issue in granting visa, can I able get re-entry in to states?

I'm I eligible for Automatic Visa Revalidation Process ( )?

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