H1B 221G Blue Slip in Chennai consulate


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Hi I attend interview on april 28 2017 in chennai consulate,unfortunately i got 221G stating that need further documents.PFA documents they have asked.

they have checked two boxes in that and asking those documents. PFA for reference.

my client is not willing to provide client letter so my manager saying that instead of client letter we will provide manager letter and sow.

now my question is:     will consulate guys accept this?

also my petition will expire on august 20 th 2017,till now i did not travel to US,this is the first time i went for stamping.

if we did not respond to the 221 g,my petition will expire in next 2 months. so,can i use same petition for future cap exempted category with different company and different client.

currently i have 2 i797B approved petitions in my hand one is for texas and 2nd is for amendment to that different client and location change is for chicago location.

Note: its not 2 h1b petitions,its only one h1B having with amendments to 2 locations base location is texas and amendment for chicago.i went stamping for chicago location with amendment approved petition.

could you please suggest the best way to hold my petition for future use with different client out terminating.


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