Can I continue to work, when EAD extension is in progress (filed)?

Jay Krishnamoorthy

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I am currently working on a L2 EAD and my spouse' L1 VISA is getting expired in a month. I have 3 questions in relation to my EAD extension:

1) Can I file EAD extension along with L1 & L2 extension filing?

2) If I can not, then can I file EAD extension with L2 extension filling' USCIS receipt?

3) Can I continue to work, while we await EAD extension, with EAD extension filing receipt?

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Yes you can file EAD along with L1 & L2, provided you should have atleast 6 months gap before the expire date of EAD.

You can work when EAD renewal is in progress, but cannot work not even for a single day if the current EAD is expired(and also sometimes it depends on the employer too, mostly not allowed)

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